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Year 6 Special Memories

Y6 Memories

In their Leavers Assembly, our Year 6 children read out their special memories.

You can read all of their memories here.

Here are a few of them:

Amy – In Year 5 I can remember being Deb in the show ‘Elf’ and having to chase Logan around the stage – he played Buddy the Elf.

Bethany – In Year 2 I can remember when we were watching Room on the Broom and we had popcorn and we all pretended we were flying in the air.

Ellamay – In Year 1 I can remember going to the Baltic on a trip. I also remember when we went on a ferry on our lighthouse visit and ordering ice creams in French at the ice cream van with Madame Blackett.

Eliza – I remember when we were in Year 3 and two teachers from Nepal visited us. We learnt a lot about what it is like to go to school in Nepal.

Jack – I can remember when we used to ride the little bikes and scooter around the yard when we were in Nursery. We had so much fun!

Jamie – I remember how welcome everyone made me feel when I joined Grangetown in Year 3. It was lovely to meet my friends for the first time.

Kade – In Year 6 I can remember learning about World War 2 and what people ate and did.  We learned about rationing and we ate Spam and a dessert made from apple and condensed milk.

Patricia – In Reception I can remember that we were playing in the mud and I had a massive bowl of water and I spilt it all over Miss Tose’s expensive looking shoes.

Ryan – In Year 5 I can remember going to Hudson Road School and taking part in a cricket tournament against a few local schools.  Our school won.