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Grangetown Primary

How to make payments


We welcome cash payments at our Office, and we are planning to always offer the option of paying by cash.

However, we also have the facility for online payments, if parents/carers prefer that option.

You can pay online for school meals, breakfast club, Home from Home, after school clubs, music lessons, nursery fees, school trips and PE uniform. To do this, go to the Sunderland City Council website, and click Pay.

We are planning to look into setting up online payments through an app, via a company called Arbor - we will keep you updated of ongoing developments.

Some parents/carers have asked if we can take card payments at our Office. We don't have that facility at the moment, but we are looking into it. Card payments can of course by made through the Sunderland Council option above, and via the Arbor app (once set up).

The above information was last updated on 7/5/24.