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We work closely with IMPACT North East. This partnership enables us to enhance the support we can offer to our families, and will also allow us to put in place some additional support - in school - for classes and for individual children.

The information below was supplied by IMPACT (and click here for a PDF version):

What is I.M.P.A.C.T Northeast, and what difference can we make in your child’s school?

I.M.P.A.C.T Northeast CIC is a local not for profit organisation working in Sunderland schools, and within the local community, to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of children. We support children so that they feel more confident about themselves which in turn helps them to cope with the everyday challenges they face as well as the more significant difficulties that can crop up from time to time. This support – ultimately – will help children to feel more settled in school, and will enable them to learn more easily. We hope that the support we offer can result in less worry for both children and their parents.

What support do we offer your child/children?

I.M.P.A.C.T Northeast staff work with children one-to-one and in small groups, offering regular time-tabled support for those who will benefit most. Sometimes, children face issues around friendships, and of course difficulties can occur outside of school which – in turn – impact within school. Before we see children we have a meeting with parents and carers to ensure you are happy for your child to attend sessions. This meeting is important, because it allows us to show families that we want to work with them and that they are an important part of the process. 

How can we help families?

We regularly meet with parents to discuss their worries about their children. We offer extended services which involves the families of any children at the school, offering adults support with any issues they may have.

Our counselling and ‘magic listener’ approach

We visit the school and work with the children in a confidential environment where children can express and think about their worries, through talking, creative work and play. This process is supported by a qualified counsellor (a ‘magic listener’), helping children to find new ways of coping with difficulties so they don’t get in the way of friendships or learning. Our magic listeners work with the school and support all well-being and nurture programs already running. 

When can we support you and your family best?

There are times when children have lots of emotions and they feel especially sad, confused, fearful or angry, due to family problems such as separation or illness, or even the death of a much-loved pet. Some may become withdrawn; others may become demanding or challenging in their behavior: that’s when having I.M.P.A.C.T Northeast in school is helpful most.

Any questions?

You are very welcome to talk to your school counsellor, Sharon Boyd, either face-to-face or via telephone.

Email: sharon@impactnortheast.co.uk

Website: www.impactnortheast.co.uk

Sharon Boyd FDA counselling dip

Contact: 0191 510 5515; Mobile: 07803595387

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