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Grangetown Primary

Quest 1: Long-Term Planning & Curriculum Maps

Quest 1

Early Years Foundation Stage

Our long-term planning for Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) is set out here, and is also part of our Quest 1 document.

Years 1-6 - organised by subject

Our long-term planning, organised by National Curriculum subject, is set out in our 'GPS Quest Curriculum' document (Quest 1).

We decided on the name 'Quest' because learning is a journey - the children are on a journey through school, and also on a 'quest for knowledge'. The term also hints at an 'exciting adventure', which is of course what learning should feel like!

Our Quest 1 document is here. The document was initially put together during 2019-20. It has been further updated & developed during the three years since then, and will continue to evolve as we reflect upon our practice - in that sense it is a 'live' document. It was developed collaboratively - all GPS subject leaders each played a full part.

The long-term planning for each subject can also be found on the individual subject web-pages. These pages are useful because they place the long-term planning within the wider context i.e. alongside the subject Policy, medium-term planning, and mini 'case studies' to show the subject 'in action'.

Curriculum Maps by Subject

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Curriculum Maps by Year-group

Curriculum Maps by Half-Term

For Early Years, see the Year Group Maps above - each is set out half -term by half-term. Years 1-6 (National Curriculum) are below.