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Grangetown Primary

Year 6 - Miss mCLOUGHLIN

Dates For Your Diary 

  • Our P.E. Day is a Monday . Remember to remove earrings and have a bobble for long hair. You can come to school in your P.E. kit (white t-shirt, blue/black shorts or joggers), but remember that plain joggers would be best. The children will be playing Tag Rugby
  • Applying for a secondary school place for September 2024 is online from Monday 11th September.  Applications close on 31st October.  Letters were sent home on Friday 8th September.
  • Parent Consultation Day was cancelled on Friday 20th October due to the school roof being damaged.  A new date will be arranged as soon as possible.
  • On the afternoon of Monday 18th December, KS2 will have their Christmas party.  a letter giving details of the party will be sent home nearer the time.
  • On the afternoon of Tuesday 19th December, there will be a Christmas concert performed by KS2 children.  A letter will be sent home nearer the time giving details.
  • At 9.15am on Wednesday 20th December, Y6AM will hold a parent workshop.  
  • On Thursday 21st December there will be a whole school pyjama day.  

Autumn 2

This half term, the children will be reading 'The Ship of Shadows' by Maria Kuzniar and will write a narrative based on it. In Maths, the children will learn to divide by a 2-digit number and will explore fractions.  In Science, the children will be learning all about the human circulatory system including the heart, blood vessels and the lungs.  In Geography, the children will be using atlases to locate the countries in Europe and their capital cities.  In Art, they will look at the abstract art of two artists and will create their own version of their work.  In PE, the children will explore movement in gymnastics.  In RE, the children learn about people's views of religion and what their beliefs are.  The children will continue to have weekly handwriting and spelling sessions in class.


This half term the children in English will be writing a narrative in English based on the story 'Oliver Twist' and will write a range of sentence types.   In Maths, the children will read and write numbers up to 10 million identify the value of digits.  They will also use factors, multiples and prime numbers and complete addition, subtraction and short and long multiplication and division. In science, the children will learn about circuits and draw and make circuits.  In DT, the children will make a toy which uses an electrical circuit.  In history, the children will learn about the Victorian era.  In computing, the children will consider the role of computers in the past, present and future.  In PE, the children will develop the skills and techniques of tag rugby.  The children every day will have a guided reading lesson and every week they will have regular handwriting and spelling sessions.

Steady Hand Game 

In their DT lessons, the children designed a steady hand game which used a range of electrical components like wires, batteries and clips.  This linked to our science topic on electricity.  The children worked in pairs to create their game, which either caused a buzzer to buzz or a bulb to light up if your hand wasn't very steady.


 Visit to Beamish

In History, the children have been learning all about Victorian England and to bring this to life for them, the children visited Beamish Museum.  The main focus of the day was taking part in a Victorian school lesson. The lesson was taken by the headmaster of the school and the children had to refer to him as 'Sir'.  The children used a fountain pen and an inkwell to practise their cursive writing.  They also added and subtracted using pounds, shillings and pence.  The children discovered that school in Victorian England was very different from today.  The children also rode on a tram and an old fashioned bus.  Some of the children went down the mine and saw the pit ponies.  They also cottages that would have belonged to the miners and visited the Co-Op and some of the town houses.  The children had a very enjoyable day.

Fun in Science 

In Science, the children have been learning about electricity and circuits.  The children have learned about the symbols used when drawing electrical circuits and drew their own circuit diagrams. They have thought which items in our homes use mains electricity and which use batteries.  They have also made circuits using wires, batteries and bulbs and buzzers.  The children also in one lesson saw how batteries can be replaced with lemons to make a buzzer buzz and a LED light glow.