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Grangetown Primary

Year 2 - Mrs Roberts



  • Monster Phonics reading books and sharing books are changed every Monday
  • These books should be brought into school everyday
  • Children are expected to read at least three time per week with an adult at home
  • Books will only be changed if the home school diary has been signed three times
  • If you would like to know more about Monster Phonics click here


  • PE is on a Friday and the children can wear their school PE kit all day 
  • No jewellery to be worn

Learning at home

  • Learning at home jobs are sent home on a Friday and should be returned the following Thursday.
  • These jobs will focus on spelling, handwriting, reading and times tables.


Autumn 1

 The Great Fire of London

This half term in history we are learning about the events of The Great Fire of London. So far we have learned that the fire started in September 1666 in a bakery shop in Pudding Lane. The fire spread quickly because after a long hot summer,  the houses were made of wood and very dry. The wind carried the flames from one house to another. People tried lots of ways to stop the fire but it took them nearly 4 days to put it out. Did you know there was no fire service in those days? Watch this space to see examples of our work.



As part of our English we took part in a drama lesson where the children and adults took on the roles of different people who lived during this time. First all of the children were families that lived in Pudding Lane where the fire started. Miss Duggan played the role of a reporter who wanted all the details for her newspaper report. The children were very good at recalling the events. Next 2 of our children took on the role of a husband and wife who lived next door to the bakery. They were very good at explaining what happened and how it made them feel. The children thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and I was very proud of the children’s.  


Autumn 2