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Grangetown Primary

Welcome to Year 5AW's page! 

Here are some important notices

  • Our P.E. Day is a Tuesday. Remember to remove earrings and have a hair band for long hair. 
  • Please remember to bring a water bottle to school with you each day.
  • You should have your reading book and reading record in school every day and make sure that your reading record is signed at least 3 times per week.
  • Fruity Fantasy will be on each Friday, so you can bring a small amount of money into school. You will not need more than 60p.
  • All items of school uniform should be labelled. Lots of items get left behind in the classroom (or around the school) at the end of the day, and it is very difficult to identify who these items belong to. 

 In Year 5 we will be learning lots of fun and new information this year. We will be exploring lots of subjects throughout the year which you can explore in more detail below. 

Welcome to our wonderful journey through Year 5!


This term we are looking at 'The Queen of Darkness' by Tony Bradman. 

We are really enjoying Rhianna and Eleri's journey so far.


We are kicking off the term by looking at Roman Numerals! We are absolutely loving solving what numbers they are! We've been working on remembering to build the numbers by thinking about our place value rather than just remaking the digits. 

E.g.   237 is broken into 200 = CC, 30 = XXX and 7 = VII
         Therefore our answer would be 27 = CCXXXVII


This term we are thinking about the properties of materials.


This term we have started learning about the Roman Empire. We have been thinking about where, when and how it was formed. 

Can you remember the answers to these questions? 


 We will be starting Geography after our October half term.


Autumn 1 is all about Lowry. We will be learning a little about the man, his work and his style over the coming weeks. 









We will be covering DT after the October Holidays


This term in RE we are going to be thinking about what does it mean if Christians believe God is holy and loving? This is a huge question and we will be having lots of discussions and looking into some different bible reaings to discuss what Chrisitans mean by 'loving' and 'holy' and why they describe their God this way. 

PSHE - Jigsaw

We are starting our whol year of celebrating ourselves and what it means to be us. We will be thinking about community, respecting other people's beliefs and diffrerences, thinking about personal dreams and goals, managing our feelings and emotions and starting to think about changes as we grow.