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Grangetown Primary

Year 3 - Mrs bewick

WelcomeImportant things to remember:

  • Please remember to bring in reading books and home/school diaries every day.
  • If you have music lessons, please remember your violin every Tuesday or your  cello every Friday. 
  • Learning at Home books should be returned on a Thursday and new work will be given out on a Friday.
  • Football with Arj is on a Wednesday lunchtime. Please bring football kits to school to change into.
  • Our P.E. day is a Tuesday this half term. Please ensure that ear rings are removed.
  • Water bottles should be brought in to school every day.
  • Fruity Fantasy will be on each Fridayso you can bring a small amount of money into school. You will not need more than 60p on these days.


This month Year 3 have continued working hard on their Egyptian Topic.  During English, children used the fiction text ‘Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx’ to write a five part narrative of their own.  During maths the children enjoyed magical maths sessions.  They enjoyed working in groups to consider the movement of frogs in a few moves as possible.  During History, the children researched Egyptian gods, mummification and celebrated the end of the topic with an Egyptian themed day.  


Year 3 have had a great start to our Summer term, from beginning swimming lessons to starting our exciting new topics.  In English we have looked at non-fiction texts.  We have looked at Mummification which allowed us to create instructions on the Mummification process.  This was the perfect opportunity to be bossy by using imperative verbs.   In science, we have begun our plants topic.  We have looked at the parts of plants and their functions.  In maths we have looked at money and mass.



What busy bees year 3 have been during March!  It began with our celebration of World Book Day.  Throughout the day we had a range of fun activities from designing our own t-shirts to sharing stories with children from different year groups. In English worked from the text ‘Wolfboy’ which allowed the children to innovate their own ideas.   During our DT topic we looked at puppets, considered their designed and created a plan with the end goal of creating our own hand puppets.   At the end of March we created our own eggs in readiness for the Easter egg competition.  


Year 3 have finished their painting and printing artwork and have created some fabulous prints.  The topic for P.E this half term was gymnastics.  The children were able to have fun on the apparatus to celebrate the end of another successful topic.  They encouraged each other by sharing words of encouragement whilst having fun on the different areas set out.  The children have created some great 3D designs using ILearn 2.  Their knowledge and attention to detail when creating 3D models impressed their teachers. 



What a fabulous start to 2023!   Year 3 have been looking at the non-fiction text 'Amazing Islands’ in their English lessons. They have thoroughly enjoyed looking at and sharing facts from the text as well as creating a travel guide.  Towards the end of January,  we have moved towards our new text 'Greta and the Giants'.  In Art, the children have looked at art work created by Paul Klee.   We began by looking at the life of Paul Klee and where his passion for art stemmed from.   We then used oil pastels to mix colours using primary colours to create secondary colours and secondary colours and consider which colours they make.   Year 3 have then moved on to working with water colours and thicker paints to create a variety of textures and shades.  During P.E this half term,  year 3 are working on their gymnastics skills.   We have looked at balance and creating ways to move using our feet, hands and feet or knees etc.  Year 3 have particularly enjoyed ICT this half term.  We are looking at 3D design.


Year 3 had a fabulous afternoon at Farringdon Community Academy, taking part in a Trampoline lesson. We learnt how to do a range of jumps such as tuck, pike and straddle jumps. We then moved onto completing turns whilst jumping – half turns and full 360 turns! We had so much fun and made sure we helped our friends on and off the trampolines safely. We also spent part of the afternoon playing team games such as relay races and dodgeball. Year 3 also had a lovely Christmas themed parent workshop this month. Parents and carers were invited in to support their children completing some Christmas crafts. The children started by designing then decorating a wooden Christmas bauble for our annual Christmas tree decoration in school. The children were very creative! 


Year 3 had a wonderful day during their Stone Age day. The day made links to our prior learning in history. Children spent half of the day participating in a Stone Age workshop with Rachael from Wilderness Outdoor Education. They learned all about how people in the Stone Age would survive. They even learned how to light a fire. All children had a go at lighting the fire and learned how to put it out safely. They then got to explore a range of objects such as animal bones, skin and wood that were used by people in the Stone Age for protection, cooking and keeping warm. When the children were not in the workshop, they got to complete Stone Age art, creating cave art using pastels and water colours. Their finished products looked very effective.


Y3 had a fantastic first visit to Broomhouse Farm! The children got to observe and learn about a range of farm animals and ask questions about a working farm. They got to stroke the piglets and feed apples to the mother pig. The children really enjoyed meeting a goat named Crumble who loved cuddles and tried to nibble on their coat zips. The children’s favourite part of the morning was catching and holding the chickens. On the afternoon, the children went into the Forest Adventure area which had zip wires, tunnels, climbing equipment and secret dens. The children were very well behaved and represented GPS excellently. They all thoroughly enjoyed the day and can’t wait to return to the farm in the Spring term!


Year 3 have been looking at the story of ‘The Fox and the Star’ in their English lessons. They have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the illustrations and the accompanying narrative about a lonely fox who builds a friendship with a star in the night sky. The children are using their knowledge from the book to create their own four part narrative with a forest animal of their choosing. In Design and Technology, linked to our stories, the children are creating their own pneumatic animal using a balloon and syringe to make it move. We can’t wait to see the finished products.  Year 3 have really enjoyed PE this half term and have been learning new skills linked to badminton. They have loved playing games to practise these skills and work together as a team. Year 3  have also taken  part in the KS2 Online Safety assembly with the ‘Internet Legends’. They answered questions and played some games learning all about how to stay safe online.