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Grangetown Primary

Year 4 - Mrs Millican

Welcome to Y4LM

Things to Remember:

* Our violin and cello lessons take place on a Tuesday

* P.E. day is Friday - please remember to bring full P.E. kit to school, including  footwear

* Lunchtime football with Arj at the moment is every other Friday. Children will need to bring their change of clothes

* Every day - could children please bring a water bottle and their reading book

Dates for your Diary:

8th June - Change4Life visiting - nutrition workshop
14th June - The Big Sing Workshop
15th June - Chris Connaughton - actor and author working with Year 4 children

8th June - Change for Life

The year 4 children had a very informative visit from the Change for life team where they learned all about the different food types and the importance of a balanced diet. We found out all about what people should eat to stay healthy, how much water they should drink (6 to 8 glasses a day), how much sleep we should try to have (12 hours a night) and how much daily exercise we should complete (1 hour). We learned lots of interesting facts about how much sugar is in different drinks and sweets and then made our own posters to show all of the information we had learned.

10th - 14th May - Mental Health Awareness Week

This week, we have been thinking about our mental health and how we can relax and stay calm. We took part in a number of wonderful activities  that we really enjoyed and made us smile. The children chose activities from a long list and tried new things. Some of the favourites were: cloud gazing, water painting, pebble tower building, walking with a friend, bark rubbing, daisy chain making and making pictures and patterns using items that they found in nature. The children had a lovely afternoon in the sun,  relaxing with their friends talking about how we feel and how we can relax. 

 29th April - Beamish Murder Mystery Workshop

The year 4 children worked with Beamish Museum and took part in a virtual workshop. They had the wonderful opportunity to become detectives for the afternoon and worked with the Beamish chief inspector in order to help him solve a terrible crime. The children had to look at all of the different clues which were left at the crime scene and decide where they should go in order to follow the clues. Around Beamish Town, there were letters, adverts, receipts and many more items that helped the children to solve the mystery. We then used tis wonderful opportunity as a stimulus for writing newspaper reports.

20th April - Backhouse Park Visit for Earth Day

As part of our celebrations for Earth Day 2021, the year 4 children went to visit Backhouse Park. We all took identification sheets to see if we could find different trees, flowers, birds and minibeasts. The children had a wonderful time searching the different environments to see what they could discover. Our favourite were definitely the wonderfully bright green parakeets and the beautiful daffodils. The children also completed a scavenger hunt and had the opportunity to sketch a 360°drawing to show what they could see all around them. Before returning to school, we even had time for a turn in the play park. Everyone had a wonderful time.

24th March - Easter Egg Competition


Taking part in this year's Easter Egg competition, the children had a wonderful time colouring, painting and bringing their egg designs to life.


15th March - Planting Knowledge 



This half term, the year 4 children have been learning all about the parts of a plant and flower in science. They had a fabulous lesson labelling each of the different components and learning all about their different functions. They then became scientists and dissected their own flowers, sorting and labelling the different sections. The children have now learned all about the life cycle of flowering plants where they drew and labelled wonderful diagrams. They then found out all about different ways that seeds are dispersed and made their own information posters.

12th March - World Book Day


The children had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day. This year, they had the opportunity to design and create their very own t-shirts. They added drawings of their favourite books, characters and authors. The children all had a fantastic day showing off their amazing t-shirts.

8th March - The Dot

To help welcome all of the children back into school, we all read an mazing picture book called The Dot written by Peter Reynolds. The book tells the story of a little girl called Vashti who has no self confidence in her own drawing abilities.  She is asked by her teacher to 'make a mark' on her page. The teacher then encourages her by displaying Vashti's dot on on the wall. Vashti then realises that she can do better than her first dot and her confidence grows. The children wrote their own sequels to The Dot to tell the story of what they think might come next. They also looked at how everyone in individual by creating wonderfully colourful plate dots. Every child design and made their own dot for our school display.