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Grangetown Primary

Year 3 - Miss Cassidy

 Important Notices! 

  • P.E. will be on a Monday this term. We will also be having Dance every Wednesday. Please don't forget to bring in your P.E. kit which should be a white t-shirt, black shorts and suitable footwear. 
  • Lunchtime football with Arj at the moment is every other Friday. Children will need to bring their change of clothes.
  • Please bring in a water bottle to keep hydrated in school.
  • Please bring your reading book to school every day. Ideally, children should be reading 3 times a week at home. 
  • Learning at home books should be brought in every Thursday and they will be returned with new homework for the following week on a Friday. 
  • Violin lessons are on a Tuesday. 
  • Please put your child's name in their coats, uniform and P.E. kits to ensure they are not mixed up at school.
  • The doors are open from 8:40am until 9:00am and you can arrive anytime within that period. 



IWe have been continuing with our topic ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ and have read Handa’s Surprise. We have retold the story using a story map and actions to help us remember the sequence. We have used our imagination to plan and write our own innovated story. We have been focusing on using figurative language in our writing and have included fantastic similes and personification. We have also included adverbs of time to help move the story along. We have even started to plan ideas for a sequel to our stories. I wonder if any of our main characters will find any clues for the stolen fruit and vegetables! We have been focusing particularly on our bodies, and the things inside us which help us to move and stand up straight. We looked at how our skeletons are different from an animals skeleton and how some animals don’t even have a spine! We found out about the names of the bones in our body and even made a skeleton out of natural materials. We then learnt about the muscles in our body, creating our own questions and then researching the answer. 




We have started our new topic which is called ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ and we have been learning all about healthy eating. To kick start our topic, we created some fantastic projects at home. We have been focusing on how humans get the nutrition they need from foods that they eat. We have discussed the meaning of a balanced diet and know that we need a variety of foods from the five different food groups. We have also looked at which foods are needed to help us grow and which foods help give us energy.  As well as learning about how humans get their nutrition, we have also been investigating which foods different animals need to eat to get their nutrition. We know that some animals are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Within our healthy eating topic, we have also learned how to prepare fruits by washing and cutting them carefully with a knife before blending them into a delicious smoothie.


Easter Egg Competition 

Year 3 have had a wonderful time decorating their eggs for for the whole school competition. Look at our fantastic designs! 



This half term in Year 3, we have been reading The Hodgeheg. We have loved this story all about a little hedgehog that wants to cross the road and makes it his mission to successfully reach the park! We have been writing our very own innovated five part stories with an introduction, problem, build up, resolution and ending. We created new characters and added lots of figurative language. We have been focusing on description, similes and personification. In Maths, we have been learning all about measuring and calculating length and perimeter. We used cm and m rulers to measure lengths and heights and even converted the units of measurement. We were able compare different heights and order our classmates from tallest to shortest. We even measured the perimeter of biscuits and enjoyed them as a treat once we worked out the total!