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Grangetown Primary

Foundation Stage Nursery

Welcome to our Nursery page. Our class is full of fantastic children who love coming into school to play with their friends and learn lots of new things! 

In Nursery, there are two teachers (Mrs Hanlon and Miss Holyoak) and a teaching assistant (Miss Davison). We offer flexible session times to suit your families needs. Some children access 30 hours provision or 15 hours, which can be split into a morning/afternoon or 2.5 days. We also offer top-up sessions. 

At Nursery, children have the opportunity to play in lots of different areas. We encourage the children to be creative and be willing to 'have a go'. We have access to our large and well resourced outdoor area daily where we adopt the forest school approach. 

Our timetable


Children enter the Unit


Early Bird/ welcome activity (e.g. writing name)


Group Time (Register & Welcome)


Topic/ Literacy/Maths group time


Access to continuous provision, plus adult-led activities (Indoors/ Outdoors)




Access to continuous provision, plus adult-led activities (Indoors/ Outdoors)




Home time for Nursery / lunchtime for Reception or full day Nursery 


Lunch break for Reception children


Start of Afternoon Nursery


For Nursery children: Access to continuous provision indoors


Group Time (Afternoon registration)


Topic/ Literacy/Maths group time


Access to continuous provision, & adult led activities




Story time


Parents & carers can collect their children. Children are

released only when we see a parent or carer.

Investigating Plants

This half term, Nursery have had lots of fun planting our own Cress and Sunflowers! We talked about what they needed to grow big and strong, such as sun, water, space and time. Our cress grew so quickly, so we made some egg and cress sandwiches to taste. We also learned all the parts of a plant, such as stem, leaf, flower and roots. We could see the roots of our sunflowers through the bottom of the plant pot. Lots of the children tried to investigate the different seeds and herbs, by carefully cutting them open. We have focused on two books- Little Red Hen and The Enormous Turnip. We made a story map and used puppets to act out The Little Red Hen. We also enjoyed making some roasted turnips and some turnip soup, then deciding if we liked them or not. We have done some paint stamping with the turnips and used our fine motor skills to dig up pretend turnips from the soil! We can’t wait to keep working outdoors, and observing the changes to our garden over Summer.

What do we love about Nursery? 

This week, the children have told Miss Holyoak all the lovely things they like doing at Nursery. Each child thought about what they loved doing the most, then we put all of their answers into one video to celebrate our lovely class this year. I am so proud of them for telling me their idea! I hope you enjoy this video and can spot your child. 

Snow day! (8.2.21)

Today we loved exploring and playing in the snow. We wrapped up warm and made snow balls for each other. We don't usually get much snow so we definitely took advantage of the small amount that we had. 

Spring 1- Early Years to the Rescue 

Each half term we teach through a 'topic approach'. Our current topic is called 'Early Years to the Rescue' which focuses on people who help us and cartoon superheros. Our most recent parent pamphlet can be found below. 


We have really enjoyed reading and finding out about the story Supertato. Last week the evil pea stole our water tray and left a video message for the children and a news report. The children helped to find a map of the school and went on the hunt to get it back. Luckily they found it and it was safely returned back to Nursery. Well done everyone!